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Last Updated: August 30, 2023

The address of this blog site is

At this site, I prioritize the protection of your privacy and provide a clear explanation regarding the handling of the collected information as follows:

[ Information Collection and Use ]
At This site, I may collect information for the following purposes:

  1. Personal Information
    Information about users who comment on this site is collected through the Akismet anti-spam service. The information we collect typically includes the commenter’s IP address, user agent, referrer, site URL, and other information provided directly by the commenter (e.g., name, username, email address, comment text, etc.). This information is used to mark spam, approve and reply to comments. Comments determined to be spam will be deleted. There is no retention period for comments, but in rare cases comments and personal information will be deleted due to blog updates or deletions.

    Blog subscription registration collects the subscriber’s email address information. This information is used to send you blog update notifications by email.

    Personal information (name, user name, email address, other contact information, etc.) provided at the time of email inquiry will be used to appropriately reply to inquiries and respond to requests. The information provided will only be used to respond to inquiries from users and will not be used for any other purpose.

  2. Cookie Information
    This site uses cookies from third-party services ( and Google AdSense). This allows us to analyze website traffic, personalize advertising, etc.

[ Cookie Policy ]
This site uses cookies for the following purposes:

  1. Website Improvement
    I utilize WordPress statistics to perform website traffic analysis. This helps in enhancing the website based on user preferences and usage patterns.

  2. Personalized Advertising
    Google AdSense collects data individually to display advertisements relevant to your interests, providing you with more personalized ad experiences.

Cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser and does not itself contain any personally identifiable information.

[Information about the affiliate program]
This site may introduce products and services in partnership with external sites through affiliate programs. Please check the privacy policy of each site regarding the handling of information on the external site when you move to an external site via an affiliate link.
[ Privacy Policy]
[Rakuten Group Privacy Policy]

As an Amazon associate and Rakuten member partner, this site receives points (rewards) from qualifying purchases.

[ Information Sharing ]
This site does not share the personal information provided or collected with third parties. However, third-party services ( and Google AdSense) may independently collect Cookie information. For these services, please check the privacy policy of each service.

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[Information protection and security measures]
Personal information provided by users is protected by appropriate physical and technical measures. This site implements appropriate security measures to prevent loss, unauthorized access, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information, and does its best to protect users information.

[ Cookie Management ]
You can refuse to accept cookies by adjusting your browser settings. However, please note that rejecting cookies may limit certain functionalities on the website. For information on how to disable cookies in your browser, please consult your browser’s help documentation.

[ Privacy Policy Changes ]
I may update the privacy policy as needed. Any changes will be announced on this page, along with the last updated date and the update details.

[ Contact ]
If you have any questions about my privacy policy or wish to request the removal of comments / subscribe , please contact me at the following address:


[Website Purpose and Information Disclaimer]
This site was created to provide personal opinions and information on specific topics. The information provided is based on the author’s knowledge and experience, and does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information. Readers should take the information provided as a reference only and make decisions based on their own action. In addition, the information provided may change from time to time.
This website contains links to external websites, but it does not assume responsibility for the content and security of the linked sites. Regarding the use of linked websites, please exercise your own judgment. This website will not be held responsible for any troubles or damages that may occur as a result of link destination.

[ Change Log ]
– August 3, 2023: Newly Established
– August 6, 2023: Added a description about the collection and use of information when subscribing to blogs.
– August 13, 2023: Added content regarding the handling of personal information provided when making inquiries by e-mail to the “Information Collection and Use” section. Also added sections “Information about the Affiliate Program”, “Information Protection and Security Measures” and “Website Purpose and Information Disclaimer”.
– August 30, 2023: Added links to privacy policies of third-party services. Added a disclaimer when using linked destinations to the disclaimer section.